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Dec. 1 – 2, 2020
Las Vegas Country Club

The Networking Event for Cannabis, Hemp, and CBD Executives

Jan. – June, 2020 – $599
July – Sept., 2020 – $799
Oct. – Dec., 2020 – $999

The networking event for Cannabis, Hemp, and CBD Executives

2019 – $399
January – February, 2020 – $599
March – April, 2020 – $799
May – June, 2020 – $999
July 2020 – August, 2020 – $1,199

August 19 – 20, 2020
Las Vegas Country Club


About the Event

The CEO & C-Suite Conference is an invitation only networking event for Cannabis, Hemp, and CBD Executives. The exclusive event will be held at the Las Vegas Country Club on August 19th – August 20th, 2020. Tobacco, Alcohol, and Pharmaceutical Executives are welcome, as well as Institutional Investors, Accredited Investors, Analysts, and Politicians.


The event will be held at The Las Vegas Country Club. Las Vegas first, private equity club has stood the test of time and remains an elite Country Club in an international city and destination. An active membership, an exquisitely manicured and designed classic golf course designed by the legendary Ed Ault, an indoor tennis facility, a stunning and architecturally unique clubhouse, and all of the amenities needed for an amazing lifestyle.


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Speakers & Panel Discussions

Speakers and panel participants for the CEO & C-Suite Conference will include industry and “Fortune 500 Company” Executives, Tobacco, Alcohol, and Pharmaceutical Executives, notable Politicians, leading Institutional Investors and Analysts, and Industry Specialists.


The CEO & C-Suite Conference itinerary includes presentations, panel discussions, one-on-ones, networking reception, exhibition hall, CEO awards, entertainment, casino tour, golf, and tennis.

Exhibitors & Sponsors

Exhibitors and sponsors are invitation only. Due to event space limitations, we’re only accepting a limited number of exhibitors. All exhibitors and sponsors must be vetted by our panel and must provide a service or product that will be well received by Industry Executives. To request an invitation please click on this button and complete the Invitation Request for Exhibitors & Sponsors Form:


All newspaper, magazine, radio, television, and internet media outlets are welcome to request a media pass. Due to our venues limited amount of space, all media outlets must request and invitation and that invitation must be vetted by our panel. To request an invitation, please click on this button and complete the Invitation Request for Media Form:


CEO & C-Suite Conference
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